5 Reasons Why YOU Should Start Yoga At Home Today

The benefits you get when you start yoga at home can be different for everyone. Many people enjoy the benefits and social side of attending Yoga classes and they are absolutely fantastic for getting feedback on your posture and poses. An instructor can correct alignment and advise on how to get a better stretch of modify a pose to suit your ability. If you are like me and your focus is often in a million different directions daily with work, family, social events local community committees then fitting in a class is not an easy task. So for many of us we opt to do Yoga on our own terms. Are you ready to take the jump/

Start Your Yoga Journey at Home

Time Flexibility

The most obvious benefits of all would be time. With the busy schedules and constant interruptions that this technologically advanced world has created, often we find ourselves torn between meetings, family obligations and just getting that load of laundry folded and away. By practicing Yoga at home you can fit in a five-minute practice or a forty five-minute practice whenever suits you. You can eliminate the extra travel and you will not need to fit in with class times. Doing a yoga session at 10pm is a regular occurrence at my house as I am a night owl but I have been known to do the odd sunrise session on the warmer mornings. There have even been days where I have split sessions due to time constraints. Having the flexibility to do an impromptu session can greatly increase your enjoyment of yoga and keep you motivated to fit in more sessions.

Sessions that Suit You

Classes are designed to fit a group of people at lots of different levels of strength and ability. When you are practicing, Yoga at home you have the power to set the tone of your practice. If you are just starting out, it can be a little daunting trying to hold a pose in class when your body is clearly not up to the challenge yet. I am still building my strength and as such I find I cannot hold some poses as long as some other students in a class. I have often found I push myself to do too much in a class and end up regretting it later. If you want to work on a particular area of your body or a particular pose you can. If you just need a restorative day of gentle stretching and relaxation, go for it. You get to set up your classes specific to your daily goals.

Wind Up or Wind Down

Increasing the intensity and flow of your session, adding some more challenging poses and increasing the time to hold poses can really get the heart pumping. This can be a great way to start your day. They can get your brain and body working together and increases energy and endorphins.

At the end of the day a relaxing session of restorative yoga and a long Savasana is a great way to really let go and prepare for a good nights sleep in the safety and comfort of your own home. That feeling of really relaxing can be achieved so much easier in a place of familiarity.

Create Your Space

The ability to create your own environment for yoga at home is a huge benefit. You can add anything to that space that you want. I personally love to add an essential oil diffuser and change up the oils dependent of the session I want to do. If it a morning session then I love to use citrus and peppermint blends to wake me up and build on an uplifting mood. If it in the evening then I will use more woody and earthy tones for balance and grounding. You get to choose your favorite style of background music, lighting etc.

Include Family and Pets

One thing I have found since starting yoga at home is that my kids enjoy joining me in my sessions. This creates a really great bond and sets a fantastic example for children. They get to see you succeed and sometime fail. It is such a healthy thing for our kids to see our weaknesses and our persistence when things get a little tough but also to share in our triumphs. It also adds some healthy competition to your sessions as kids can be quite flexible.

I also find the animals are fascinated with my yoga sessions and it is not uncommon to have all 3 dogs and a cat withing touching distance from my mat. Sometimes I need to modify my pose so as not to squash one of my fury friends. This adds an often comical element to Yoga that you cannot get anywhere else. I absolutely encourage you to include your pets, they might surprise you with some poses of their own.

Your Next Step

So with the help of some YouTube channels, DVD’s or an iPad app for session ideas that suit your style, making the decision to start yoga at home is a no brainer for even a beginner to yoga. Not only can you enjoy the benefits, you can also get in more sessions each week than you could attend at the gym. You get to set the time, the temp, your companions, your space and your pace. Namaste.

3 Replies to “5 Reasons Why YOU Should Start Yoga At Home Today”

  1. Hi, what a brillant post! I love the part where you include kids and animals, not as a disturbance but as a way of spending time together and maybe have a good laugh.
    I totally agree with home session time flexibility and creating your own space.
    But the best thing of all is that you also get to choose the pace, the kind of yoga, the length, the voice of the instructor and everything you wish, choosing on youtube. You can create your own library and freely choose everytime what you feel like doing.
    Excellent post! Thank you

  2. Hi, this is a very informative article!
    These are all good reasons to do yoga at home. I find it very curious about the fact that your pets like to stay around your sessions. However, I am just starting out and I don’t have any experience. Do you recommend learning and doing everything by myself? Or should I first start regular classes?
    Thank for your help!

  3. I’ve always be curious about yoga and even tried a few beginners exercises.
    Some of the exercises really require a lot of balance! I apparently don’t have good balance, because there was one in particular that I just couldn’t do. I believe the position I had trouble with was called the “Tree Pose”.
    It was pretty comical!
    I think it requires some practice. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

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