Why I Will Only Use The Down Dog Yoga App!

You may have been practicing Yoga for a day or for a lifetime and the with the many advantages of technology we can now have a guided yoga practice anywhere. Looking to find the right Yoga app for you can be hit-and-miss. There are many apps on the market now all vying for your attention. The one I am personally using right now is Down Dog. With its cute little scruffy dog button to open the app, who could not give this one a go. I am going to take you through all the customizable features that are on offer and how they can adapt to even the newest of yogis. This is by far my favorite.

Adjust the Level of difficulty to suit you.

When you open the app you are met with a screen that is all ready for you to select exactly what suits your yoga expectations for the session.

There are 6 levels to choose from stating from an Intro that steps you through some basic poses all the way to Advance which honestly I am not game to try yet. The great thing is you can move between these levels at each session. If the kids decide to join in, you can drop down a level or two although they might surprise you with their abilities. If you need to take it easy for whatever reason, skip down a level for a session or two. If you are feeling the need for a challenge then bump it up a level. The choice is yours and it makes advancing your skills easy.

Change up the style of your Yoga

This is where it gets personal, you can change up your routines by selecting the ‘Type” of session you want to do. Are you up for a full practice, a quick session, restorative, or a choice of two sun salutation sessions. You can even add some into your workout without the warm up or do a Hatha session. The best part is there is a brief description when you click on each type to make the choice easier.

Boost your workout

So you want to improve on your strength or flexibility of a specific area of your body? No problem. Select a boost to add to your workout. With the eleven options there is something to fit your goals. Simply click on a Boost and a description of the added poses or adjustments is brought up for you to read.

Length of session to suit your Schedule

Whether you have five minutes or a  full hour and a half to practice it is totally to suit your day. You can do a quick 5-minute stretch in the morning when you wake up and do up to 90 minute restorative in the evening if that is what works in with your schedule. I have sometimes felt I could not do even half an hour due to lack of motivation so will set a short session of fifteen to twenty minutes only to get to the end and find a renewed motivation and sense of well-being.


How good does it feel when you have completed a session and you get to spend time laying in Savasana? This pose is the perfect relaxing conclusion to your session. Sometimes you just want to stay in that blissful state forever, other times you know that you have other pressing things to get done and need to cut it short. No problem, set the time you want to stay in Savasana before you start your session. Set the time for up to fifteen minutes. Still not long enough? That’s fine, they keep the music going till you are ready to continue your day.


We all have those accents that we love and those that we love not so much. Well you get to choose between male or female and American, Australian, British or New Zealand. This can be a great way to change it up if you are getting bored with your routines but by now you should be able to change up enough to keep you challenged and interested.



We all have varied music taste and there are many options available to add to your yoga session. Choose ambient or acoustic for soothing sounds easing you into a good stretch or select Alt beats for a good mix of up beat music with lyrics. If it is still not to your liking, you can play your own music playlist in the background on your device. It really couldn’t be simpler. The bonus is that when you finish your session, you can see a list of all the songs that were played so you can find any that you really like and purchase them through your preferred music platform.



Under this menu you can choose how descriptive the instructions for each pose and transition are. You can even include when to breathe in and out with each pose. This is great for beginners looking to improve their form and helps establish breathe sequences during the transitions. This function is also great for those that have mastered most of the poses and enjoy less instruction in their session, just select the level you want. Change it up anytime you want.


Now this is where you can change up the quality of the videos or even change to just still shots to save on internet download. If you are in a poor or zero internet area you can choose no image at all and still get in a workout.


All in all, I haven’t found a better Yoga app that offers the flexibility and personalization of Down Dog. I encourage you to check out the app and use the free trial to have a look at all the options. If you need help with anything Down Dog or Yoga related there is a whole community of people on Facebook using this app. The group is a great place to ask for help or ideas.

If you have been wanting to try Yoga but the thought of attending a class is too overwhelming then this is definatly a great way to try it out in the comfort of your own home and on your own terms.




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  1. Nice and easy read. I heard Yoga is good for weight loss so I will talk to my doctor what yoga positions I can do because of my disabilities. I will check back for more up dates Thanks

    1. Hi Lori, glad to hear you are taking positive steps towards your health. There is plenty of modifications to enable you to do different stretches and poses to build your strength. Chair Yoga is often used as a starting point for anyone with restricted mobility. Your Dr is definitely the best person to advise you on the best way forward. I am always happy to answer any questions or point you in the right direction when you have your Drs approval.

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